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A mostly out of focus image of a man standing on a hill-top wearing walking boots. The boots are in focus. The text, 'BOOTED' is across the centre of the image, and at the bottom some more text reads, 'A film by Amy and Alyn Sparkes'.

A man's life and hopes for the future are pulled apart following a relationship breakdown. Supported by his child, he rebuilds his hope and enjoyment as his health deteriorates. Eventually, the child has to move on.

Format: Short Film, 8 minutes.

Production Stills

Currently in Development

The Players

Two skulls in jester hats face each other. The left one is dressed red and black, the right green and yellow. The text 'The Players' is in the centre, and at the bottom is the text 'A Film Witten by Amy Sparkes.'

A roguish company of strolling players face real-life comedy and tragedy as they fight, act and banter around South-West England.

When a flamboyant, vengeful ex-member turns up, the Players must protect what they love - but at what cost?

Format: Feature Film, 90-100 minutes.

Relatable, fun and spicy, THE PLAYERS is genre-bending, combining period drama, comedy, music and ensemble pieces delivered through a cinematic lens. Inspired by real people and events of the time.

Theme song demo "Rakes and Rascals" written and performed by The Longest Johns

At the London Screenwriters' Festival 2024, we were thrilled that an excerpt of the Players script was chosen to be one of three table reads performed live by actors at the event.

Directed by Marcus Markou (Papadopoulos & Sons, The Wife and Her House Husband), the three actors: Fraser Wall, Dan Robins, and Ben Gardner Gray did a fantastic job of bringing the script to life - so much so that the table and chairs were soon discarded!

For more information about joining our merry troupe, please contact

We Two On A Boat

A view from a bridge looking down on a canal running in fields. A narrowboat lies docked on the left.

Chaotic Daisy runs a cafe from her canal boat. When her organised sister with learning disabilities moves in, life changes for them both.

A funny, heartwarming show about two very different sisters facing the ups and downs of life together.

Format: TV Series, 6 x 27 minutes.

COMEDIC like Detectorists, SENSITIVE like Ralph and Katie, and WHOLESOME like The Repair Shop.

This show makes you feel you can breathe. The perfect antidote to a long, stressful day is stepping on board THE SKYLARK and hanging out with the compelling residents of the marina. Without being over-sentimental, WE TWO ON A BOAT aims to be viewers' go-to comfort show.

In a similar vein to Detectorists, a gentle folk music soundtrack provided by Bristol-based band TARREN accompanies this modern-day show, helping the viewer to relax and connect with simpler times.

By exploring fascinating but imperfect relationships as well as the beautiful natural landscape of the canal, viewers are helped to slow down to narrowboat-pace whilst being entertained.

Themes of hope, community and overcoming adversity are woven through the series, all served with a helping of tea and cake. With gentle drama and family-friendly comedy, WE TWO ON A BOAT is an upbeat show for all ages to enjoy.

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In 2024, we will be:

  •  releasing our first paid commission √
  •  shooting our first short film √
  •  shooting our second short film √
  •  developing a brand new comedy-drama
  •  developing a family film from Amy's book series
  •  continue developing our period comedy-drama

Previous Works

Things We Do For Love

Three seated people, two facing the camera and one on the far left of shot facing away. The two facing are a male and a female, both looking unhappy. The text, 'THINGS WE DO FOR LOVE' is across the lower-centre of the image, and at the bottom some more text reads, 'A micro-short film by Amy Sparkes'.

A loving couple meet with a counsellor to resolve a seemingly insurmountable problem in their relationship.

Format: Micro-Short Film, 2 minutes.

Production Stills

Written and directed by Amy, and produced by she and Alyn, this micro-short was shot in a morning in early June 2024 for a budget of around £275. The script started as an exercise Amy gave herself during the 2024 London Screenwriters' Festival to tell a cohesive story in under two minutes.

Developed with two specific actors in mind for the lead roles, they were brought on board in mid May and the location for filming was secured. Then the challenge of casting a third actor began. Using Facebook groups that support local acting talent, we had a very good response and followed up with Zoom read-throughs with people we thought the most promising.

Filming took place in a room at the back of Liznojan Bookshop in Tiverton, Devon on 10th June 2024. Only having a single camera meant repeated takes (thank goodness it was only two minutes long) with different lighting, camera, and microphone positions. The hero props were only used once, at the insistance of the cast!

The film was released on Vimeo, and the Sword and Fiddle Productions social media channels on July 2nd 2024.

Tiverton Canal Company 50th Anniversary Film

Format: Documentary Short, 15 minutes.

Production Stills

We were very pleased to be engaged by the Tiverton Canal Company to produce a film celebrating the company reaching 50 years of operation in 2024. Working with other local professionals, we take a relaxed look at life along the canal and how the horse drawn barge fits into the community.

The film was released on the Tiverton Canal Company website on April 3rd 2024.


Magical Lighthouse

Painterly image of a white lighthouse on rocks in the middle of a calm sea.

Tilda lives with her grandpa in a magical lighthouse. She uses creative problem-solving skills to solve real-life problems when she enters the magical underwater world through a secret door.

Format: Mixed Media, 11 minute episodes.

Written, directed and produced by Amy, a short teaser trailer was made as a proof-of-concept during the CoViD lockdown in late 2020. Recording the actors' performances 200 miles apart and having them put in the same shot was a new experience. Fortunately art, animation and music additions were less problematic.

Sadly another result of the lockdown was that we were unable to use the location we'd hoped to for internal filming, so static images from the scout had to be employed as placeholders.

You can see the resulting teaser video with the theme song, and hear another of the songs planned for use in the series below. Please contact us to view the full treatment.

Treatment (PDF)

Episode 2 song "Where Did We Play" written by Jodie Alexander-Frye,
performed by Jodie and Joff Alexander Frye:

Fencing Class Promo

Two fencers under instruction in an assault.

Short promotional spot for a new fencing club.

Format: Short form video with music.

Based locally and with attendees ranging from pre-teens to adults they wanted to push one of their less-well-attended classes. On hand with a small camera and stabilisation kit, we tried to get as close to the action as was safe and give a sense of the progression from learning the basics, through assaults, to engaging in bouts.